Saturday, March 17, 2007

Arthur Magazine: Read It While You Still Can

...John Srebalus, a collegue/ editor/ scribe over at Rhino Records is one of the dryest rock writers I know out there—he’s funny as shite to read and he always has something to say that involves giving the status quo the middle finger…he’s one of the guys I work with over on Rhino Insider (Rhino Records’ blog) and whom I’ve worked on a few PodCast productions with…he punched up an article on his own blog ( You Are Not Your Neighborhood) that I thought people here, and other disenfranchised readers of mags like Rolling Stone might want to take note of re: the demise of the magazine Arthur which starts like this…

“This past Sunday, February 25, Arthur magazine announced it’s on “indefinite hiatus.”

According to the Arthur Web site:

…We at Lime Publishing, the current publisher, had been working toward transitioning operations to a new publisher since the start of the year. A breakdown this past week in negotiations for the future of the magazine led to an unfortunate and perplexing announcement that “Arthur is Dead.”… This poorly-timed message was sent out, against explicit wishes of Lime Publishing, to the public before the staff, advertisers or contributors were notified… The current hiatus may still lead to future opportunities for Arthur, but for the time being we are paring down operations.

If the state of journalism wasn’t sad enough, this is devastating news. While the trend in recent years has been toward visual flash, snippet word counts, and P.R.-muscled content, Arthur maintained that yes, people still read (or should try it now and again), and…” continued here


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