Friday, August 31, 2007

Taking Too Long: The Weight of Waiting...and Wipers!!!

...just bust the groove on that tune...whenever I feel like its taking too long for me to get my creative grind on, I have to remind myself of dudes like Greg Sage, Sam Henry and Dave Koupal who formed Wipers back in 1978...look in their eyes in that grainy-ass picture...young and hungry...I'm hip, son... even though they cut a couple of influential records that a grip of Seattle grunge scene machers would appropriate and use as a springboard for their respective sounds, Wipers really didn't get any dap from the world at large until Nirvana covered a couple of their cuts from their debut LP-- a decade and change later...

...that's not the first time I've heard such things, artists like Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Woody Guthrie and Ornette Coleman and their struggles to be heard, immediately come to mind...sometimes you're gonna have to be in it to win it-- and the only people who believe in you IS you...patience is virtuous and all that but, conversely, he who hesitates is short, don't forget to follow your heart and be ready when the opportunity avails itself...listen to the little guy/ chick inside...I spoke about Sage et al back in June and am steeled when I think of stories such as theirs and artists like the ones above, I get pumped up; the weight of waiting becomes a little lighter ...and although I've got "miles to go before I rest"...I know I can bear it...solid, son...

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