Sunday, July 22, 2007

Check It: Joe Strummer's Global A Go Go...

...I pieced this Joe
Strummer album up a couple of months ago on MOG but couldn't throw the music on at the time...I can do so now and thanks to the miracles of the digital age, I got another copy in a configuration that allows me to do so which just goes to show, like it says on the mural that was painted in NYC's East Village, the future is unwritten...especially in the world of music...

...the review and video that I posted earlier goes like this...I’ve been on a Mescalero kick for the past couple of days, it reminds me of the fall of 2001 when the world went crazy and I left LA and shot back to the East Coast to be closer to my family because, well you remember how nutty shit was…this album’s one of my faves from Joe Strummer’s body of work—it’s a nice listen coast to coast it’s choc-full of great tunes like “Cool ‘n’ Out”, “Bhindi Bhagee”, “Mega Bottle Ride”, “Mondo Bongo” and “At the Border Guy” (which I first heard on KCRW ’s Morning Becomes Eclectic and hooked me on the LP) my book the nicest slice on this LP has to be “Minstrel Boy” which closes the set out. Clocking in at 17:49 it has an infectious Irish swing that becomes hypnotic about four minutes in…if it’s not already on your list of must-haves, you should definitely give it a spin as it’s one of those great albums that got lost in the shuffle…

...if you wanna check more cuts from this LP go here.

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