Monday, March 12, 2007

Amoeba Music, Micki and...Keith Morris?

...we put that little accident shite behind us and continued to enjoy ourselves (after making all of the requisite phonecalls)...Micki's preparing to go back across the pond with a short stopover with a friend in France for a few hours...last night I took her to LA's music mecca, better known as Amoeba which is not that far from where we're staying over on was kind of funny to see the expression on Mick's face when we egressed on the stairs from the parking structure in the building...after a short wait at the exchange counter, we went inside the store (Michaela looked around in the vinyl and I caught a few snaps)...

...while taking the downward shots on the stairwell, Keith Morris from the Circle Jerks walked right by with hand basket full of shite we exchanged glances and he knew I knew who he was, I gave him a little dap and moved on...I looked around for Mick to catch pic but she was digging around in the Brazilian section by then-- ironically I'd just exchanged the CJs' Golden Shower of Hits compilation a few minutes before bumping into him...oh well, doing so would've been a trifle un-punk to hassle the guy while he's trying to cop a few cuts...I soon found out that taking pictures inside the place was forbidden but I got off a couple of great shots before getting pinched on the stairs...seeing all that tunage at your fingertips is one of life's great pleasures...a high you've got to come off of quickly, evidenced by the last photo which was taken across the street...


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