Sunday, March 04, 2007

So Many Dynamos-- Typical Girls: Women in Punk Documentary

...I don't think there's no finer sight than a chick holding a guitar, a bass or a microphone, standing on a stage, in front of a band and belting out the tunes like she owns the place...another great thrill is switching on the tube and falling ass-backwards into the top of a sweet music documentary, you know the feeling, there's that voice-over-dub of someone who's recalling whatever scene they're focusing on was really like as the music intro fades in as album covers and concert footage rolls across the screen-- whenever this happens, I get a case of tharn like a rabbit in Richard Adams' Watership Down...I freeze in my tracks and am glued, yo...this happened to me at a friend's house when I got snagged by the documentary "Punk Years: Typical Girls"-- I even liked the title which comes from a tune by the Slits ...I tells you, I was cutting through my homebiscuit's bedroom to "go shake hands with the man" (not to be confused with "polishing the rocket") and I never made it to the can...below are the three installments of what I watched that night while I forgot all about the party I was at...




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