Thursday, September 27, 2007

Monkey Man...Thy Name is Lieberman...

...this piece was written earlier in the morning...take your time, follow all the linkage and see where the rabbit hole goes..., I'm getting tired of waking up mornings with my skin leaking...I should stop sleeping with talk radio on but that shite's like crack...I bolted up out of REM sleep this morning while subconsciously absorbing the Bill Press Show when I heard about the Senate's overwhelming support of separating Iraq into three regions...why do I care, you ask?

...ever since Joe Lieberman (pictured above in a pic that looks like he's about to swap spit with the POTUS) dropped the "Going Independent-bomb" back in February, because of the DNC's stance on sending another 21,500 troops into the combat, he's turned into a sabre-rattling arse; began acting like a hand puppet/ mouthpiece for the GOP...something along the lines of Willie Tyler and Lester or, better still, Wayland Flowers and Madame (pictured below with some of the dancers who used to appear with them on those old episodes of solid Gold back in the day)...

...I get a little dispeptic every time I see/ hear him deliver one of those tight-lipped, terse-mandibled "Joe-mentum", stay the course speeches cheerleading towards the right on why it would behoove us to keep shoveling our dough down that Mesopotamian money-hole...he too had a role in last nights terror-sweat and according to the verbiage I found in the LA Times...

"The White House reacted tersely, noting that the measure conditions the policy change on the agreement of Iraqis. "The amendment recognizes that Iraqis will be the ones that make decisions about their political future," National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe said in a statement. 'It also reiterates the importance of bottom-up reconciliation.'In the Senate, Biden's proposal has attracted far more Republican support than any previous Democratic plan, but it will have no practical effect unless it pressures the president or Iraqis to change course. Senate Democrats last week failed three times to overcome GOP filibusters of measures designed to more forcefully change the course of U.S. policy in Iraq, including two that would have mandated a withdrawal."

...I still try to retain a modicum of optimism, though, while ignorning what sometimes seems to hang over my shoulders like a cloud of impending doom and gloom...a little hope, if you like..especially when I read news stories that begin like this:

"An Oregon judge on Wednesday ruled that two provisions of the Patriot Act violated the U.S. Constitution's protection against unlawful searches and seizures." ...continued on that's a little good news, ain't it?

...maybe the worm will turn and more of us will get the proverbial zap on their heads before the culmination of the 2008 election cycle...but, as I've said before in one of many of my self-styled Letters to Americans... I won't hold my breath, either...

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