Thursday, September 13, 2007

...On Livin' Large, Slingin' Slang...and Not Sleepin'

...(this was written about 4:45 AM this morning) eyeballs popped open an hour before the alarm went off for some reason...and I'm rested...almost TOO rested...sheiße, son...what I'm feeling is akin to what Andrew "Large" Largeman felt like when he was walking through LAX on meds while taking a trip back home to Jersey in the film Garden State...been there before...all of this reminded me of when I covered that flick as a favor for a journo friend who wanted to go out of town with her boyfriend that week, she called me at my day gig making "purty-please-with-sugar-on-top" sounds, so I caved and went over to the Fox Lot to check the last screener as that weekend I'd have to interview Zach Braff and there's nothing worse than talking to talent about their film that you never got a chance to see (did it once in the salad days and didn't care for the feeling, I recall thinking I was going to get called on the carpet but I never was)...

...the piece I ended up doing was on Natalie Portman as the Garden State junket went off without a hitch and I hooked my homebiscuit up with her out-of-state booty call...I even got pointed to some tunage that I ordinarily wouldn't have checked at the time as I didn't really vibe on the Shins' stuff at the time. Zach's use of the tune "New Slang" during his directorial debut on the film pulled my coat...which brings me back to right now, 6AM, staring at the ceiling; smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo as it were...which is when I'd be getting up ordinarily...damn, there goes the alarm clock...back on schedule, I guess...every now and again I'll just wake up of the middle of the night/ early morning when all of a sudden a thread of thought takes hold and I just start writing something...this has been one of them...and now, time to make the donuts...

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