Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Blerd Part 2: The Coke Bottles and The Buddha...


...Om namaha, Shivaya...that's a Buddhist chant that loosely means: Greetings to the person/ soul that I am capable of becoming...I recite it sometimes while I'm looking in the mirror shaving...I've been using it a lot lately...that gig I went to downtown last week was a bust...they didn't think I was "the material" for working in a law I continued ghost writing in one of my cafes and the guy I'm penning it for is digging on the direction I'm taking it which is cool...but I need more loot than this to keep the rain off my head while I wait for those people back in New York to get it together...

...So I wrote and wrote and re-wrote and edited all day yesterday and, just before the sun went down, I got a call with an offer for another gig over at one of the major studios to expedite this Web-related project which, although won't last as long as the law firm editing gig, would pay a grip more $crilla than I would've if I were working with that fancy-pantsed lot down in the finance district...a couple of minutes ago I got the call back and ...I'm in there, son! I start on Monday...The ladies who interviewed me were much more laid back than those two twitchy tossers with the sticks in their keysters and we got right down to brass tacks without all of that alpha male was refreshing...I just shot on over to the lot and acted like myself, no fuss no muss (and yes, I wore the Blerd glasses again)...

...Om namaha, Shivaya...things work themselves out...I think once I finish re-reading James Baldwin's Giovanni's Room, love to backtrack on the classics, I'll do a re-read of another fave: Hermann Hesse's Siddhārtha which follows the life of Siddhārtha Gautama, the Brahmin Prince who eventually rescinded the cordoned life of luxury after witnessing how his subjects really lived outside the castle walls which led him on a journey that would ultimately take him to the the Sri MahaBodhi, the great Bhodi Tree which, after reaching Enlightenment, The Awakened One sat in front of for a week, while staring at it in unblinking gratitude...the temple that's there now was built much's all good...I don't claim to be a Buddhist by any stretch but I definitely do dig on some of the messages and try to apply them in everyday life as much as I can...I've been cool with The Enlightened One's story for a minute...and have stated as much... the latter has helped me wriggle through a truckload of scrapes while as I work on solving my Saṃsāra...Om namah, Shivaya...that's's funny how things get resolved on their themselves out...and they all eventually do...don't they?

Vunde gurunam caranaravinde Sandarsita, svatma.
, Sansara, halahala
Moha santyai

Hala hala...

Ahahu purusakaram sankha Cakrasi.
Ahahu purusakaram sankha Cakrasi.
Dharinam, dharinam sahasra Sirasam.
Dharinam, dharinam sahasra Sirasam.
Om shanti.
Om shanti.

Shanti, shanti.


"...I worship the gurus lotus feet.
Awakening the happiness of the self revealed.
Beyond comparison, working like the jungle Physician.
To pacify loss of consciousness from the Poison of existence.
In the form of a man up to the shoulders.
Holding a conch, discus and sword.
Thousand headed, white. I bow respectfully...


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