Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blerd: Would YOU Hire this Guy???

 I got another editing offer downtown that'd last a few months...but first I had to go down there and take a bunch of tests...find synonyms for words like arbitrate...expedite...ameliorate...words I use all the time...then the grammar test (even when I didn't have the English skills, I learned at an early age that the best way to figure these out-- utter them aloud...there's always three clunky sentences, two of which just look dumb on the screen...that fourth one, the one that sounds like a butler in a P.G. Wodehouse book is the works for me like a charm)...t'was a joke of an examination-- I sailed through the typing test and finished the boilerplate letter-- never seen the word committee used so fekkin' often-- I finished it about a half hour early so they left me in a room by my own devices... glad I brought my MacBook along...thought I'd type something up for the blog while I sat in this "testing environment" waiting to be sized up by the suits because this is truly a ridiculous setting...based on what happened a couple of blocks over last week, I though I'd go in with the Blerd (black nerd) glasses...use high English and all that...just lookit that picture above...doesnt' that guy look harmless enough?...let's see where it gets me...I could use two months worth of the cash they're talking about while I ghost write this book for a musician in Atlanta and await the callback for that producing thing...I probably won't get this's going too smoothly...I won't be "black enough" or something equally as simple-minded as that...what can I say?...I'm a sucker for punishment...nah, I could just use the cash, son-- I won't front on that and furthermore-- ruh, roh...I hear 'em coming down the hall...Blerd-boy out....laters...

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Anonymous SdC said...

i'm still too lazy to Mog so you're linked for Blogday
Keep up the good vibes

4:56 PM, August 30, 2007  

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