Monday, July 23, 2007

Do Not Arrest This Man...

...When you walk out your front door, man, anything can before I headed over to my favorite cafe/ hotspot to do a little writing today, I went to the local Tobac (cigarette store) to scoop me some smokes earlier and the lady behind the counter, who I've been coming to for months...who I'd helped with her store's web site...told me that she thought the 10 dollar bill I handed her to pay for my Parliaments was counterfeit...not a real big deal but I thought she was one of the cool ones, unlike a lot of the shopkeepers who come from other countries and still get over here and treat every brother they meet like they're holding a knife-- while the biggest crooks and pimps get away with murders (and commutations) right in front of their faces...

...I get shit from Armenians, Pakistanis, Pacific Islanders, Mexicans (until I start speaking Spanish) and even Indians who've come here fleeing whatever geo-political strife; caste they were stuck in back in their homelands...none of this makes me a xenophobe, though...they're just trying to assimilate but I won't brook any of that bullshite every instance where I've been allowed to speak, the transplanted, self-appointed eugenecists change their tone and note that I'm edumacated...still it chapped my ass to have this lady (Moroccan, I think) try to get brand new and give me what In Living Colour called a "Funny Vibe"...whatever's clever, son...I thought of the film from back in '73 (which I didn't get to see until I stumbled across it in the stacks as a freshman in college, poster at the top) and the classic book (cover above paragraph) by Sam Greenlee that the film itself was derived from ...sometimes I let this kinda shite go and sometimes I just want to rant-- this has been one of the Gomez Addams would put it: I'm feeling much better now....

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