Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Oolooloo: The Pietasters Return with a 2 Tone Twist...

...Back in my Atlanta days I got turned on to the Pie Tasters' 2 Tone sound by the lead singer of a group called the Skunks (a Ska outfit from Baltimore who we played with at The Bank years before)...he gave me a cassette tape of this album and I was hooked (there only a handful of American bands that I feel captured that British sound from the days when Chrysalis Records was bumpin' the Selecter...the Specials...Madness back in the 80s) any rate, I got a notice the other day announcing a new, forthcoming album and a tour (if you're on the east coast check 'em out-- no shows west of Nevada as of this writing--I'll post the itinerary beneath the player below)'s a picture of them kicking it in front of the Frolic Room (which is one of my LA haunts )...

Shebeen there and bought the soundtrack ...No Doubt almost got it on a right on a couple of cuts but never consistently and I never got all the into the Mighty Bosstones' sound for some reason...the Pietasters, however, are the real deal...this LP was perfect for walking around the streets of New York (I still check it while riding the trains here in Flossed Angeles, as a matter of fact)...hold tight when checking the cut below because it's a two-fer due to the way the CD was cut; it starts off with "Tell You Why" and then at around 4:03 it rolls into an uptempo "old yeller" called "Maggie Mae" which goes great with a pint (or two or three) of the black stuff...

Here's some copy from the itenerary and press release with some of the dates:

For Immediate Release:


...Soul-ska pioneers The Pietasters release their new studio album, All Day, on August 21, 2007 (Indication Records / RedEye USA). The release marks the band’s first release in five years. Produced by Todd Harris (James Brown), All Day displays an impeccably refined Pietasters: soul-drenched and in fine songwriting form. Expect The Pietasters’ signature sound of skankin’ punk rhythms and raucous vocal rumblings slowed down and sticky thick with the sounds of early Motown and Jamaican soul. The result is subtly nostalgic and enticingly fresh, offering plenty for both longtime listeners and younger underground music fans who missed the ska scene on the first (or second and third) go ‘round. Indeed, there is something truly timeless about ska music; and who better to remind us of that than The Pietasters?

“This record is a version of what a van ride with us would be like,” says The Pietasters’ bassist and songwriter Jorge Pezzimenti of their soul roots, rock and reggae-inspired new album. All Day captures the high energy, brotherly camaraderie and attention to detail on which they’ve built their rock-steady name as an explosive live attraction.

The Pietasters bring their high energy live show, and their new material, to venues coast to coast this summer. The current list of confirmed show dates is as follows:

June 28 River Street Jazz Café Wilkes-Barre PA
June 29 Grog Shop Cleveland OH
June 30 Mr. Small’s Theatre Pittsburgh PA
July 04 Asbury Lanes Asbury Park NJ
July 13 All Good Festival Masontown WV
July 20 The Whiskey Annapolis MD
July 21 The State Theatre Falls Church, VA
August 10 Royal Lake Park Fairfax VA
August 11 Martin’s Downtown Roanoke VA
August 16 Rock and Blues Concert Cruise Boston MA
August 17 Valentines Albany NY
August 18 The Chance Loft Poughkeepsie NY
August 22 Peppermint Beach Club Virginia Beach VA
August 24 Cat’s Cradle Carborro NC
August 25 Ska Weekend-Old City Knoxville TN
September 5 TBA Albuquerque NM
September 6 The Clubhouse Tempe AZ
September 8 Clark County Amphitheatre Las Vegas NV

...for more details and date additions go to The Pietasters' official site

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