Saturday, June 16, 2007

E Ku'u Baby Hot Cha Cha

...Aloha, what's crack-tacular? Me?...I'm playing it close but its safe to say that there's no reward without risk and the former is not as savory without a dollop of the latter which brings me to this wine-based umbrella drink sitting beside me while I envision sitting on the beaches on one of the islands in the chain that lies about 5 hours west of the Pacific Coast Highway...(intersection of Ocean & Wishire below; the Pacific's right on the other side of those palm trees)....

....I'm keeping the karmic wolverines at bay Hawaiian style today with a couple of tracks I found on a compilation in the library, originally from the state that single-handedly keeps the people who make Spam *extremely* happy (I'm not taking the piss, they go buck-wild for the mystery meat over there , apparently)...grab yourself whatever the guy passed out on the floor is having, kick your feet up and get Gilligan's Island up in here...and remember "Aia a kau ka i`a i ka wa`a, mana`o ke ola" (one can think of life/ the future after the fish is in the canoe) which is along the lines of 'don't count your chickens before they hatch' check this tune out (click header for full post)...aloha mofos...

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