Monday, February 26, 2007

Bricks are Heavy-- So is Jennifer Finch's Photography

...I put this piece up a month or so ago on my Mog page and thought I'd repost here...

...last November I pitched an interview with L7’s Jennifer Finch who has this sweet-ass book of photos she’d taken growing up as a teen on the punk scene here in LA…my query was based on an article I’d read during a ciggie break about her then forthcoming book, 14 and shooting which is a photo essay of what was going on behind the scenes of the (then) burgeoning punk scene here in Los Angeles…I was sold…the article had some really cracking pictures of legends long since gone and some who now have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel…

here’s a couple of quotes from the LAW piece:

“Being a 14-year-old girl made me kind of invisible,” says Finch. “I don’t think anyone was even paying attention when I had my camera. A lot of the subjects were friends, some weren’t. I was always taking photography classes and so a lot of those early pictures are actually just lighting tests. It was just something I enjoyed, and it allowed me access. I would tell bands that I would take their pictures if they put me on the guest list so I could get in free. It was a way to meet people and be part of the scene.” continued here

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