Friday, July 27, 2007

The Simpsons Movie: Does Whatever a Special Episode Can (Review)

...I didn't cover this one for press, obviously and was going to wait a while for this one but today I had a couple of hours to kill AND I found one of those indie houses that charge 6 bucks for their new films if you go to a showing before just so happened that it was 5:20...So the Simpson's full length movie is finally out and as one who has been along for the ride since Matt Groening's Life in Hell comic series; the squibily-drawn Tracy Ullman shorts, I punked out and blinked...and what's the verdict?

...I don't want to give shit away but this: those clips used during the theater commercials in the lead up to today get used in just under 20 minutes so there's a lot more funny shite that follows, if you're a fan of the whole franchise, you won't be disappointed but be warned: you will not be bowled over...not because the writing is awful, it's just that we've all become inured to it (like when everyone dissed the second two installments of the Matrix for not living up to the first-- how could it?)...The Simpsons movie did not have me crying like, say, those early Halloween specials did back in the day but I've cracked a ten dollar bill on has it's moments, just probably not as many as a lot of people might be hoping for...just to be safe, try to check a matinee...



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