Wednesday, April 18, 2007

“Spacelab”: A Kraftwerkout..

...most of my friends already know that I'm all over Kraftfwerk's body of electronica...I like to check them when I’m writing pieces or kicking it around the house, like right now…I don’t know how those guys found all of that e-funkiness inside their oscillators but maybe I don’t really need to…right now I’m kicking back with a little The Man Machine (Mensch Machine, in their native Germany) and everything’s in the right place (!!!)...I’m specifically vibing on the cut “Spacelab” but there’s other hot tracks on here to like “The Model”, for instance…if you’ve ever seen the film The Big Lebowski, you’ll see that the fictional German Electronica band (Nagelbett) used their look from this LP’s cover…’s hard to believe that they dropped this back in 1978, which feels like eons before I’d heard of Devo’s “Whip It” or Stereolab (who copped the beginning of this tune for a cut on , I wanna say, Instant O in the Universe but it could be on Cobra and Phases Group…this joint is a sweet reminder that the electronica that the rock bands we trip out over now utilize (and early hip hop) came from a good place…if you start the mp3 player and then, 20 seconds later, click on this MBSS light display from YouTube (which is silent) you”ll get a spectacular little show…

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