Friday, March 30, 2007

A Dirty Shame: John Waters Still Doesn't Get Any Respect

...As you might've already guessed, I' ve been circling back on some of the reviews for some of my favorite flicks I've covered in the past few years...I'll also link to some of the Q&A footage that I'd transcribed but never used for whatever reason (sometimes the juiciest interviews don't get picked up because everyone wants to focus on the wider known talents participating, case in point, when I covered John Waters' A Dirty Shame, my outlets wanted pieces on Johnny Knoxville who was also dropping that Jackass movie (see side bar) but weren't at all interested in other cast's the review...

A Dirty Shame follows the sex-scapades of Sylvia Stickles (Ullman), a repressed convenience store clerk who gets boinked on the head and unleashed her inner sexual deviant. After meeting Ray Ray (Knoxville), a tow-truck driver/ sexual healer, the concussed Stickles embarks on a rampage to sate her newly “viagravated” libido. Sylvia’s daughter, Caprice AKA Ursula Udders (Blair) –- an exhibitionist with hyper-augmented breasts – joins her newly liberated mother’s quest for truth ‘n trysts but first there has to be a showdown with the rabidly decent “neuters” that includes Big Marge (Shepherd) and her birdy-haired sidekick Marge (Stole). If you’re unfamiliar with John Waters’ milieu, your eyebrows will stay raised like Ernie’s on Sesame Steet. If you're a Waters fan, then A Dirty Shame will do you no wrong JW couldn’t hold back if his life depended on it. All of his tried-and-true bases are covered. Irreverence, check. In your face, check, crazy-ass 60s stock film splices, check. Freaky Baltimoreans gone wild, double check. Waters still has his inimitable touch. If you’re squeamish about viewing full frontal pubic patch shots and giggling, hairy bear-men rolling around in corn flakes, you might want to pass. But if not,see it; find out what “Funch” is and discover John Waters’ 12 steps of "Neuter-onomy” this one’s so bad that it goes back around to being good...which is sometimes a good thing...

...As I said above, I got a grip of great copy from other people in the film like Selma Blair (who had just gotten married to Ahmet Zappa who she's since divorced) and John Waters who was a real hoot to talk to and referenced some great books to check (I now know where he gets that crazy sense of humor-- sharp as they come, that guy)...

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