Monday, April 02, 2007

The British Are Coming...for the Third Time, Already...

...I just heard this interesting bit on the BeeB about the state of the American record business and what's going to become of it in the wake of viral videos, digital file sharing and how the masses here are side-stepping the A&R guys, who once held all the keys to the kingdom of discovering new music....though there's no file sharing going on, here, on my site, I've often wondered how long before the other shoe falls and the big boys put the kibosh on sites like Multiply, lastfm and MOG (all favorites of mine at the moment)...they really do provide an excellent means of cutting out those assholes who either only think of music consumption on a fiduciary basis or are obsequious foot soldiers of the status quo (well an overwhelming percentage of them, anyway) and I should know....I used to have to swim with those sharks but those days are over for me on the artistic tip, at least...

...on a semi-tangental note, I went to the BBC's website and found an interesting story on the "new British Invasion" which touches on why Yanks are copping UK sounds like it's going out of style and it starts something like this:

"It seems reminiscent of the so-called "British invasions", which saw a wave UK acts conquer America in the 1960s and 80s - but just five years ago, these achievements would have seemed impossible.

In April 2002, there were no British acts in the US top 100 singles rundown for the first time in 38 years...

So why have British artists suddenly found favour with the American public? What makes Lily Allen a more attractive prospect than Robbie Williams? How can Bloc Party be making strides where Oasis have stumbled? continued here

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