Sunday, August 28, 2005

Glazed Donuts

I've already talked about Camp Casey below but whatever happened to the Karl Rove investigation? When Opinion Trumps History by Sean Gonsalves sheds a little light on remembering the past and what George Santayana was touching on in his essayThe Birth of Reason, I think...

E.J. Dionne, also on featured on WFC had a tight little joint called A House of Ill Reputethat touches on the rampant corruption in the House of Representatives and the Byznatine ways that things get done on "the Hill" and how the Dems shouldn't hesitate at the moment of truth...By the by, you gonna answer me on that Rove thing? Okay, be that way...whatever...Did you hear about the latest tirade made by Pat "African Diamond Mines" Robertson have to say re: Hugo Chavez? a guy who actually won his seat as head of his country?

I'll close this glaze-over on an upbeat not with Will Durst who had a funny take on the whole thing with a piece in AlterNet called Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Gods of War and it's always a hoot to look at the "most viewed/ read lists" to put a finger on the pulse of your peers in cyberspace...Last year I remembered the laughs I had reading this hilarious string of stories about the crazy things bird owners do to get their pet birds off...yeah, that's right...take a look; I guarantee you'll giggle...check out the 2nd series too and remember: the bird's the word. ...I know those donuts are chocolate covered, not glazed...that's a little batter-fried imagery...Laters, yo.


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