Sunday, August 21, 2005

Birdie Num-Num: The Party

Well the party went off without a hitch. I had a great time at the Brass despite the fact I had to mingle with some former colleagues who were buck wildin' once the oat sodas started flowing and those true colors surfaced -- now I know why, a few seconds after they show cowboys & vaqueros gulping their first shots of tequilla, they cut the cameras to chairs and tables whizzing around the saloon in those old westerns...BUCK WILD, yo...My homeboy got faded and I got to rap with his can always learn interesting things about themselves when talking with older heads. You definitely learn about the past...sometimes these things are not savory: one man's cookie is another man's cake. The truth shall set you free and all that -- I'll give an extra pat of butter to Henry and his wife Christina who rolled out the after-party red carpet at their new house like a couple of pros...big ups playas...


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