Friday, August 26, 2005

Behave Yourself!!!

I already know that I'm prone to post lyrics to songs on here -- deal widdit, son...sometimes that's the best way to get one's point that end, read these lyrics from Fishbone -- one of the tightest live bands I've ever witnessed rock out onstage back in the day. Tighter than a drum, yo. The tune is called "Behavior Conrol Technician" from their Reality of My Surroundings LP...remember the words when you're sitting down for your next lab lecture or you show up at work and the "Funky Boss" is on your back...Laters...


Oh, children run away from torturistic ways.
Children still resist the powers that persist...
"will you shut up and sit still?"
I think you should obey...
Having very few rights, we cannot communicate...

...train my brain to work the way you want me to -
"Don't question authority, see."
Be a little zombie that agrees with you.
You are strapped with a double standard clip;
in a battle you won't win...
and when it's all over -
we're gonna dance your memory away!

...sheltering will restrict your babies' mind...


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