Thursday, August 09, 2007

...My Appetite for Destruction Meets The Pimp…

...About a week or so ago, I was sitting outside doing a little sippin' and scribin' at a cafe when this Rico Suave-lookin' dude drove past with some big-haired chick pumping the Extreme's "More Than Words" and it made me want to chunder... reminded me of when I had to do this gig at a high school in BFE North or South Cack-a-lackey back in the day and while we waited to go on stage that song came on and the whole band groaned in unison: "it's going to be a looong night, fellas" we got good and plastered before stumbling out and started to musically whore ourselves out for a couple of sets-- we were tight enough to phone it in, though...hell, I even managed not to cuss 'n shite...(shows like that is one of the reasons I still don't trust managers of any stripe to this day-- no matter what happens, they still get their cut)...I'd imagine that the dude sitting in that muscle car at the stoplight was staring ever-so-tenderly into that chick's heavily mascara'd eyes (behind those mirrored wraparound shades he was rocking on his grill) but that's neither here nor there...whatever, I still felt like puking at the blatant, overall sappiness of that tune and how its now being used to say, urp, "more than words" at weddings these days...the horror...the horror...I felt compelled to bump something from back then that sounded like it had a pair...that used to get me going in the other direction as I do like some of the shite from back then , you know but alas, the LP I wanted wasn't to be found on hand...I put the word out and got the hook from the Rock 'n Roll Pimp (one of my homebiscuits from MOG)...the big hair had it's time but now 99% of the people I see sporting the look weren't even cilia when bands like G 'n R dropped...

...corn braids, car crashes and overall craziness aside, I will admit that I used to pump the shit out of Appetite for Destruction...I remember seeing this video as a kid thinking..."man, California's full of people...I gotta see that place"...funnily enough, I used to live a couple of blocks from where Axl got off the bus in the video for a minute...a "welcome to Los Angeles, hayseed" anthem if ever there was one...nothing like hearing a tune like "Paradise City" on the radio as you pull into your town after being on the road for a couple of months, either...although I've since had thoughts of shooting off to other places, I'm still playing around in the jungle...for now...this one's for Keith and all you other born-again-hard rock 'n rollers...

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Blogger ROCKNROLLPIMP said...

hahahah i am here too
woop woop

4:44 PM, August 18, 2007  

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