Monday, September 26, 2005

I Asked You Not to Tell Me That, Chief

I was reading the news today and I learned that Don Adams had died and I was bummed, yo. His portrayal of the bumbling spy Maxwell Smart gave me a ton of laughs as a kid...Back in high school my homepiece Warren and I would re-enact scenes from whatever episode had been on TV the night before...if caught in a lie we'd evoke Adams' sonorous Bronx drawl and say "okay, would you believe (put hilarious improbable scenario here)" or when hoodwinked we'd go "the oooold (whatever got you tucked up) trick"...dude was funny, son but now he's walked down the last long and windy hallway (that we'll all follow at some point), dropped through the phone box floor of this mortal coil and moved on to that big cone of silence on the other side...Laters, Agent 86...


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