Monday, November 06, 2006

Film: The Dead Girl Kills!

...I've got to say I haven't been moved by a movie, nee a thriller, in quite a I was taken by surprise while watching the screener for writer/ director Karen Moncrieff's upcoming feature film The Dead Girl which is set to be released nationally on December 29th...The film's plotline begins with an act entitled The Stranger, in it the camera follows the goings on in a small town when the corpse of a young woman (Brittany Murphy) is found in a field by a townie (Toni Collette, pictured). Not one to post spoilers I won't get too into the details of the following acts (The Sister, The Wife, The Mother and The Dead Girl, respectively) but I will say this: don't get thrown off by all of the questions the film begs for initially because read the rest here.


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