Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sellouts? or I'm Not a Dr. But I Play One on TV on the Radio

...I'd put up a post on MOG about TV on the Radio when I went to see them open for Massive Attack at the Hollywood Bowl back in September...when I downloaded those TV shows I was talking about onto my iPod the other day, one of them were the first four episodes of Grey's Anatomy...on the wrap up montage of the fourth episode, the part where Izzy's reading a letter left by Denny (a patient that she'd had fallen in love with but had croaked b/c of heart trouble at the end of last season) the started piping in "Province", my favorite cut on TVOTR's Return to Cookie Mountain LP , and I was simultaneously happy for the group but was wondering if they'd be considered sellouts because their music's included on the playback of a popular medical TV show...hmmmm...I still dig on the tune and probably shouldn't even plex...but, still, I wonder...


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