Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fight! Fight! Fight! :Microsoft's Zune vs. the Apple iPod

Yesterday Microsoft's Zune went on the market and Bill Gates' posse is planning to give the folks over at Apple a run for their market share money...although I've seen 'em around and have read a little on 'em I haven't taken one for a spin just yet but here are some quick stats: the newer device weighs 1 oz. more in weight; offers a wireless file sharing feature with other Zune owners (which smacks of Dr. Suess' Star-Bellied Sneetches vs. Plain-Bellied Sneetches tale, but that's just me) can test run your tunes on the newer digital device for up to 3 times before actually purchasing music/ videos but you can't reconfigure old files used elsewhere on other machines which I think is a deal breaker (and the fecal brown coloring ain't helping either) it gonna give the iPod a run for it's money? only time will tell (my tea leaves are on the fritz, yo)...clocking in at $249.99 for 30 Gigs of space it's a tough call...

Nerd alert, Nerd alert: check out engadgets' review which also links to a funny-ass "tertiary-tactile experience" video that's kind of funny too...having said all of the me a luddite if you like, but all the bells and whistles on this thing seems to take the Zune in a direction that exceeds my needs in a portable device...I'll hang with my 5th gen. 30 gig iPod and put my bookies scrilla there...


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