Thursday, October 20, 2005

GYST: Get Yourself Together

Sometimes the best wisdom to be found comes from within. I was rummaging through my cassettes (again) and I found a live recording of Full Stop on one of our first shows in New York. While listening to the tape I was reminded of how alive I felt that night -- winning over that hard-boiled Manhattan crowd and making them have a good time with my band's the end of the set (we were opening for an NYC band called The Authority) the crowd was loving us, yo. I was talking to a friend earlier today and she's really getting her ass handed to her both emotionally and financially -- and it felt helpless; like I had nothing to say that would calm her down...then I remembered that show I did in NYC at the (now razed) Wetlands Club years ago and the lyrics to a song called "Get Youself Together" or G.Y.S.T. -- that I'd written while going through a serious mental shitty of my own -- an ill advised confrontation with a girlfriend's racist father and the ugliness of the break-up that ensued. When you're young, sometimes you espouse wisdom beyond your years but in this case I was just living through a moment & speaking with my heart...Laters

Get Yourself Together

When you feel bad Karma dominate your perfect skies
When what is seen ain't fixed and you feel dissed by an all-consuming evil eye
Check the time!Brace yourself!
Don't grit your teeth and wonder why -- he waters beneath your bridge just seem to swallow everything you give...

Now, the world may look a hostile mess just get yourself together
When the cess impales your consciousness just get yourself together
You begin to feel the stress supreme, just get yourself together
And it may seem the mix is mean because the grass is always greener

Tunnel of pain-and-pressure your vision is cloaked in a shroud of smoke
So rough in texture, dig your fix and regurgitate that hoax
That mends your culture and your psyche, though you broke it first
And naïve mankind will suffer in a world of hurt
To those who hate and the shitty deals they still create
I could pull my gat and waste
Spread the shame
Who's to blame?
Be that as it may, you'll see the fences tall and trenches deep
Know your fate, get it straight and we'll survive, at least, the grief...

Sometimes there is no solace in the things that people say
Ignorance is just a sickness - bliss, the mind is what it plagues
So look ahead and not besided you to avoid them and their spies
Oh yeah! Buried in a void of black they tell you not to seek the facts
I'll do the right thing, not the "hype thing"
--So you wanna live inside the peace?
My request is that I live to be myself and never weak
Sometimes I curse the world we live in
Don't you know that we could never give in?
So I'll stand firm to shake you down
'cause the youth stay safe with sound...


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